Portraits of Women

In March of 2015, Soprani Compagni obtained a grant from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities to put together a team of 12 award-winning, published composers from across the United States and Korea for the purpose of commissioning new works themed around “Portraits of Women.”  Soprano repertoire often depicts limited portrayals of women, themed around love for her man, external beauty and unfulfilled dreams.  “Portraits of Women” is an expansion of soprano duet repertoire emphasizing the contributions of women in our society who have embraced their true value and calling and have dared to change their world.  This recital series involves historical characters, including women from the Bible, as well as fictional characters that represent issues common among women throughout the ages.   Soprani Compagni hopes that this new music will encourage those who hear to celebrate the women in their lives, and inspire more sopranos to collaborate through performances about women, by women, connecting hearts and lives across generations.

Composer Collaborators:  Jesse Ayers, Robert Denham, David H. Davies, David Fuentes, Leanna Kirchoff, Todd Syswerda, Joopoong Kim, Doug Harbin, Jody J. Nagel, Philip Seward, Bruce Trinkley, Benjamin Williams.

Lyricist Collaborators:  New York Times best selling author Nikki Grimes (Mary & Martha), and Jason Charnesky (One Life).