Lyrics: Scrapbookers, by Leanna Kirchoff

Scrapbookers                                                                        Music and Libretto by Leanna Kirchoff (b. 1969)


Carol and Noelle are at Carol’s weekly crop night.  Carol has talked Noelle into coming with her to work on a wedding anniversary scrapbook for their parents.  They are seated among a gathering of women working on scrapbooking projects.  Carol is an avid and long-time scrapbooker.  Noelle knows nothing about scrapbooking.


C= Carol    N=Noelle T=Tiffany



C: Pictures,

N: Pictures,

C:  paper,

N:  paper,

C:  pens, scissors,

N: pens, scissors

C: stickers,

N: stickers,

C: glue,

N: glue,

C: the album,

N: expensive,

C: page protectors,

N: obsessive,

C: stamps, punches

N: time consuming,

C: embellishments,

N: Just a hobby,

C: decorarative tape,

N: decorarative tape has taken over your life!

C: buttons, trimmers, rulers, fonts,

N: Just a hobby!

C: ah, fonts,

N: Just a hobby! All the essentials.


C: cardstock, patterned papers, cutting tools,



N: Do you really need all this stuff, Carol?


C: glitter, ribbon, fringe and sequins,

tags, tacks, brads crimpers, embossing powder,


N:  (Looking around at the other scrapbookers.)

Look at her toolbox!  It’s even bigger than yours!


C:  (To a fellow scrapbooker walking by their table.)

Hi, Bonnie!  Did you see those new

embellishments? Aren’t they the cutest things?

I can’t wait to use them!


N: Won’t a photo album do?  Mom and Dad don’t care



C: A nice scrapbook will show our love.  Anyone can

put pictures in a photo album.  Even you, Noelle!


N:  Well thanks, Carol.


C: (To another scrapbooker, across the room.)

Nancy!  We enjoyed Christina’s birthday party

on Saturday. Can you believe she’s ten years old?


N: (As if an echo of Carol’s rebuke in her head.)

“Anyone can put pictures in a photo album,

even you, Noelle”


N: Can’t we do this at home?

I don’t know anyone here.


C: It’s more fun to work in a group.

Socialize, Noelle!  Share stories.

Have some snacks!  For heaven sake!


T:  Hey, Carol!  Is this your sister?


C: Tiffany, meet my sister, Noelle.


T:  Nice to meet you, Noelle.

Are you in town for a visit?


C & N:  Our parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary.


T: You seem a little . .. uncomfortable.

Is this your first time scrapbooking?


N: The scrapbook bug never bit me.


T:  You’re kidding?  You’ve got a lot to

catch up on.  Welcome to the crop!


N: Can’t we just get this done?!


C: You don’t have to like this, Noelle!

but, Mom and Dad will be happy

knowing we did this together.

You know how they always wanted us

To be close.


Carol plops down a huge box of family pictures

in front of Noelle. Noelle begins to rummage

around in the box.


N:  Christmas nineteen seventy three!

mom knit us each red sweaters,

our names on the front.

(Recalling a childhood song she used to sing.)

My name is Noelle Kingendorf.

I live on Silverbell Lane.

I was born on Christmas Day,

So my parents gave me the name Noelle.


C: (Grabs the photo out of Noelle’s hand.)

Okay!  We can use that one.  Pick something else.

N: (Stands as if she is giving a performance.)

My sister’s name is Carol Kingendorf.

She’s five years older than me.


T:  Hey, Noelle!  You can really sing!


C: (To Tiffany)

That’s my sister.  She likes to embarrass me!


N:  Mom wants us to do things together.

Knit us each a matching sweater.

Although we’re really not alike,

I think mom likes me better.

(Noelle tries to get Carol to sing with her,

Nudges her to get up.)

Come on, Carol!  Don’t you remember?

It’s your turn?

Sing with me, Carol!


C: (Finally gets up from her chair.)

My name is Carol Kingendorf Peterson.

I have an annoying little sister.

I was born on the tenth of July,

and I have no idea why

my parents named me “Carol”

when I wish my name was Katherine!


(They continue their impromptu performance,

but singing more to one another as if

they are back in the present.)


Both:  I think I’m lucky that you’re my sister,

all that we’ve shared,

I hope I don’t forget all these memories.


(Tiffany claps wildly, whistling and hollering.)


C:  Well thanks for that, Noelle!


N:  That was one for the scrapbook!

I’m just sharing our story.


C:  You organize the pictures,

I’ll pick out paper.


(They get to work. Noelle sorts through pictures

while Carol looks through her cardstock.

It becomes obvious that they each enjoy

what they are doing.)


N:  Mom and Dad’s wedding,

their honeymoon,

pictures of me,


C: and pictures of me,


Both:  and pictures of you,

trips we took, and holidays,


C:  my wedding day,


N:  Mom and Dad’s work,

Mom and Dad’s church groups,


C:  and my Sylvie, Josh, Rachel, Ben.


N: and the family pets.

Our senior pictures,


C: our senior pictures


Both: and ev’ry birthday,

Dad’s car collection,

Mom’s fancy crochet,

Grandma, Grandpa,

Our fav’rite Aunt Jo and Uncle Lou.


C:  Pictures of all the things

that families do,


N: Family picnics, reunions,

friends of the family,

best friends, boyfriends,

family pictures, family pictures.


Both:  Pictures of all the things

that families do.